Charming Eco-Friendly Log Home has AWESOME Floor Plans and GREAT Interior

Charming Eco-Friendly Log Home has AWESOME Floor Plans and GREAT Interior

These Charming Eco-Friendly Log Homes were built with two things in mind, energy efficiency and sustainability. The home has a geothermal heat pump and is very airtight, which allows for heating in an efficient manner. Radiant floor heating systems are complimented by a solar hot water system - helping save energy.

These Log Homes are more spacious than a little bath house sauna, as the kitchen has a walk-in pantry (that has its own sink) and the dining room easily seats 6. The screen porch leads off to the organic garden which will be sure to yield some delicious harvests. Another reason for an eco-friendly log home is for a summer cabin up in lake country for fishing or seasonal activities, and they can be shuttered up for the winter months to protect them from stormy elements. With its own drinking water well it is easily sustainable and designed to be practical. Additionally, wood is an abundant, sustainable and naturally renewable resource. with living off the grid becoming more and more trendy, these forward thinking energy efficient homes might soon be populating your neighborhood.

From Gulf Islands off of British Columbia to the other side of the world in Latvia and their culture of small saunas, eco-friendly log homes are found everywhere. In Latvia, little log saunas are everywhere, as the people believe saunas cleanse the soul while they cleanse the body and use wooden bunches of sticks and herbs called besoms. Besoms most popular choices are juniper or aromatic woods like cedar. Warm and aromatic saunas and bath houses really sound like a perfect place to relax!

The links below from Real Log Style has some charming and sustainable ideas for your next project. Click on the link below for your inspiration to create your own escape from reality, with an eco-friendly log home!

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