Caution! Living in This House Can Cause Enormous Pleasure

Caution! Living in This House Can Cause Enormous Pleasure

You will want to take a closer look at "An Energy Efficient Home with a Folded Roof," its modern design is definitely one of a kind. This stunning tiny house has everything you need to live full time, and you couldn't ask for a nicer tiny house space. This tiny house has a unique exterior with a roof that folds down in the middle which adds to its appealing look. The tiny house exterior looks beautiful with the use of wood throughout the entire design.

The outdoor patio uses the same exterior wood for the sides, roof and floor of the patio, and when you are not there, a wooden wall is one sliders to close up the house, you will also find the sliding covers on the exterior windows to do the same. The wood on the exterior looks weathered which adds to its unique appeal. This tiny house design has lots of windows to let in lots of natural light, and a wood stove for cold days. Inside this tiny house feels modern, with a great open kitchen, living, dining area that leads to the steel staircase where you have your bedrooms. There are wooden floors inside with lighter wood used on the ceilings and walls to give it a seamless look. There is also a step up in the living room that looks great. You will want to take a look all the photos you can find on this site, to see for yourself just how great this modern tiny house design really is. The tiny house is located on a great piece of property in the country with open views of the area. On this site, you will find all sorts of inspiration and ideas on architecture

Would you live in this tiny house space full time? This tiny house feels fresh and modern, with its clean lines, and seamless use of wood throughout. This tiny house space has all that you need with a kitchen, living space, dining area, bedrooms and a bathroom. The tiny house also has a great outdoor patio, where you can enjoy views of the area, along with just hanging out having your morning coffee, or afternoon tea. This tiny house is a great example of a unique and modern tiny house design that you might want to consider.

Have you ever stayed in a tiny house, and would you like to live or stay in a tiny house like this? It's only in the last 30 years that house have gotten so large, before that a typical house was a lot smaller in size. So what we call a tiny house today, was just a standard house years ago. Think of nomadic cultures such as the Mongolian who are known for living in yurts where they can pack up and move on, with hardly a moments warning, it is dependant on where the food is, and how the weather changes. For the Mongolian people it is normal for a family to Iive with grandparents, parents and children in their one room, open space yurt, where the whole family sleeps side by side and children share a sleeping space with their siblings and even their parents. Yes it's understandable that this is not how most of us want to live, there is certainly a lack of privacy, but there is no denying how close these nomadic tribes are with one another, the amount of love and the bond between family members is undeniable.

It makes you wonder if living in these large houses in our modern world, and constantly being connected to all this technology, somehow disconnects us, and that close family bond is somehow lost. Of course this is not always the case, but it's certainly something to keep in mind, in this busy world we live in.

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