Carved Log Furniture

Carved Log Furniture

These mind-blowing carved log furniture pieces, with carvings of real life animals, people and more is truly incredible and would surely be any log furniture lover's dream come true. The variety is truly astonishing, and the creator also does many different other types of carvings as well, such as totem pole carvings, which are gorgeous and well created pieces that showcase the talent of the skilled craftsman who made them.

There are log furniture carvings of people that are hilarious, with one of a caveman holding two drinks while sitting at the table taking the prize as the funniest, to me at least. Considering that these carved log furniture pieces are of such good quality that they look as good as a stone sculpture, you can really tell that the amount of skill it takes to create these carved pieces, with a simple chainsaw no less, is mind boggling. Also, for those looking for more typical furniture, there are conventional carved wood tables, chairs, beds and more that are on display as well. Finally, for animal lovers there are some of my favourite wood carved beds that I have ever seen that include one that looks like two beautiful carved horses meeting at the head of your bed that felt really touching and perfect for any animal lover.

When I was growing up, I spent a lot of time at camp sleeping in wood cabins, and I loved everything wooden including log buildings and furniture. We even had an excellent shop class with some very talented carpenters. The theme of the camp was Vikings, so we even had a wood carved dragon head at the front of our sailing ship that was a beauty to behold. I always enjoyed building things out of wood, and have made some very nice chairs and tables over the years. However, the skill and talent on display with theses carved furniture and sculptures is so amazing that it blows most every piece of log furniture away. Both artistic quality and practical usefulness is shown by the woodworkers who built this furniture, and it leaves one eager to see more artful furniture and carvings like this created in the near future.

Now it is time to see these incredible pieces of carved log furniture for yourself! Please click the link below to the Hambrook Arts website for photographs and more information on these incredible pieces now.

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