Caribou Creek Handcrafted Log Home

Caribou Creek Handcrafted Log Home

Have you always wanted one of those amazing and beautiful log homes? The ones that are so unique you will never find another one like it? That is exactly the work that is done by Caribou Creek Log & Timber. Caribou Creek specializes in making beautiful and unique artisan hand crafted log homes that can be custom made to accommodate your family and any needs that you may have. Their log homes are a one of a kind house that will have your whole family raving, and lusting over your beautiful home. This amazing company is located in Bonner's Ferry Idaho.

On their website, they offer a wide range of blueprints, and floor plans for creating new and unique custom built houses. These beautiful homes, range in size from what they call a small mountain villa all the way up to the Blue Ridge. They come in many shapes and sizes, with upper levels, lower levels, decks, wall-sized windows, plenty of floor space, and an amazing professional finish. One of the amazing features about this company is that they can build these magnificent houses in a wide range variety of land. Whether that land be back in the woods, closer to the city or even higher up in the mountains. They have been known to do amazing high-quality five-star work.

A great feature about their website is; they keep a gallery of the homes in which they have already built. These homes are all different and range in shape and sizes. Although the one thing they have in common is that the pictures associated with each home are crystal clear. Looking through them almost makes it seem as though you are standing right there in that beautiful home, going on a tour.

If you would like to see some examples of their amazing quality work, and get a feel for a price estimate, of having them build you the home of your dreams, please visit this website link below to the Caribou Creek website. You wont be disappointed.

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