Candle Powered Space Heater

Candle Powered Space Heater

When I saw this I couldn't wait to show my husband who is forever survivalist-minded. He loved it and went into town today to pick up the few things we don't have to make this.

You will need the following:

- 3 different sized clay planting pots

- 1 large bolt (approx. 5")

- 6 washers

- 1 flat bracket

- 1 Candle in a jar

So we made the thing and tried it, but it didn't seem to get very hot. My husband said it may keep a cup of coffee warm. We used a large candle with only one wick though. We are going to give it another go when we can pick up a candle with more wicks.

The next time I tried it they get so hot you can't touch them- it would most likely boil your coffee- One wick candles should be enough but the pots must be room temperature and dry. We noticed the pots we used were brought in from a cold wet garden and take days to properly dry and get up to a decent heat.

This is a good idea but if you want it to really act as a heater with some good heat output, be sure to put lots of metal in the inside core. For instance, when I made mine, I put a washer, a nut that was too big (so it slipped right onto the bolt without screwing - in other words, it was too big), then another washer before putting on the nut that fits the bolt. I did this same pattern between all three pots. This gives the core lots of metal that heats up to higher temperatures.

Please note:

Make sure those clay pots are NOT treated with anything...I tried something similar to this BUT the clay pots I purchased had been treated with something that caused the whole thing to catch on fire glad I had sat there and watched it for a while!

To watch this step by step process, check out the video link below to the "Tune.Pk" website.