Canadian Bunkies Starting at $7,000 These are GREAT!

Canadian Bunkies Starting at $7,000 These are GREAT!

This is so awesome! Canadian Bunkies Starting at $7,000 ! These are GREAT! If you are looking for a place to buy a cabin kit from than this is the link for you to see! You will be so amazed at what you can get for only $7000, which is one of the starting prices. Most of the cabins come with the assembly included so you don't even have to worry about meeting with a contractor or building it yourself, which could possibly be a stressful feat if you aren't very construction savvy. They even pour your foundation for you! There are three different places that you can buy out of, Rangercabins, Taylor Sawmill and Cabana Village Bunkies.

All of the cabins are great for seasonal use or you could have them insulated and use them year round. They would make for a great guest house or studio space, and would even work as a starter home or a cabin at the lake. I really like the Cabana Village Bunkies, they are really simple and stylish and have a beautiful exterior. I really love the one with the front porch and the double doors! It would really make it feel nice and open to the outdoors! And I love that they are all made out of cedar and natural wood. There are links to each of the places that you can buy the cabin kits from. It is definitely worth a look! Imagine having your very own, and which one you would choose to build.

You could have one up within months and be enjoying it for years to come! Head over to Tiny House Blog by following the link in the description below to see all of these great bunkies and more information on tiny homes, there is so much to read and see on this great blog!

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