Can You Resist Imagining This $73,150 Home as Your Ideal Retreat?

Can You Resist Imagining This $73,150 Home as Your Ideal Retreat?

This Coventry $73,150 prefab log cabin kits offers an open concept living area, a master bedroom with a closet, bathroom, and laundry area. The Mansfield log house has a farmers porch on the first floor that is perfect for spending time outdoors enjoying looking out at the scenery or having your morning coffee or tea. The downstairs with its open kitchen, dining room and living room can have a stone fireplace where the family can enjoy family time together in this cozy log house. Upstairs is a comfortable loft that overlooks the open living area, full bathroom, two bedrooms with closet space, a bathroom and space that opens up to the area below. A log sided dormer and two gabled dormers add character to the log house and bring in the extra light. The covered farmers porch is a great place for outdoor enjoyment whatever the weather. The exposed beams and log railing throughout only add to this log houses appeal. The Mansfield prefab log cabin kits start at a pre-cut log package at $48,400 to a complete package for $79,050. This log house is 1,296 square feet with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, cathedral ceilings and an open upstairs loft area.

Builders and home buyers all over the world are realizing that a log house and prefab log cabin kits are a healthy, comfortable type of home, that has lower energy consumption, and has better overall performance. A log house also reduces the impact of buildings on human health and the environment in regards to site selection, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and demolition. The use of more wood for prefab log cabin kits is a natural and easy way to make a difference for the environment. Wood used in log houses help to reduce the greenhouse gasses in the environment and store carbons. A healthy forest that is sustainable is a readily available solution to help with climate change. On an average, an acre of healthy growing forests absorbs almost three tons of carbon dioxide and releases close to 2 tons of oxygen. A log house also reduces the impact of buildings on human health.

This is just one of the prefab log cabin kits for sale that you will find on the "Coventry Log Homes" site. "Coventry Log Homes" have over 60 models of log home kits in five separate categories with the Craftsman, the Tradesman log home, the Cabin and the Recreational Camp Series as well as additions and garages. The log home kits for sale are built at the mill at Coventry Log Homes where they produce three package options from the log wall, the shell and the complete log home package in a variety of log profiles. Coventry log homes also produce home kits from a six by 8 and eight by eight solid log milled to mimic the traditional look of clapboard siding as well as regular log siding. When people are looking for log home kits, they want to know that the company they are purchasing their log home kits from practices green building methods. The Mansfield log home kits are built by Coventry Log Homes, and the good news about this quality log home kits company is that all of their construction methods meet the highest levels for building green. Their log home products are all natural and do no contain any harmful toxins. Coventry Log Homes also recycles all the excess wood that is used in the log home manufacturing. This means that they create wood shavings for local farmers.*

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