Caboose Tiny Cabin is AWESOME Inside

Caboose Tiny Cabin is AWESOME Inside

Tiny home living has never been as popular as it is today, with a large variety of options, styles, designs and plans to choose from. The "Caboose," tiny home design by Wheelhaus, is a modern sustainable home, that is a quality build and quick to set up.There are several Wheelhaus designs and model available to customize with dozens of options and can be shipped directly to you, anywhere in the United States, and Canada. Wheelhaus has a fleet of tiny home designs ranging in price from $89,000 to $295,000, with several add ons also available, to include furniture, a king size bed with brand, a gas fireplace (inset, installation, venting, surround and mantle included), HVAC, and additional doors. The Wheelhaus tiny homes are the perfect small space for either full time living, a guest house, a vacation home or home office space, the tiny house comes with a full bathroom with toilet and shower, full kitchen, bedroom and patio. This tiny house company has high standards of sustainable building and innovative design. The Wheelhaus tiny homes take between 2-5 days to set up.

Tiny house living is a great way to reduce the spending in your life and downsize to a small home, some of the tiny houses you will find are cob cottages, gingerbread cottages, beach shacks, small prefab homes, container homes, small strawbale homes, rustic cabins, hand crafted cob cottages, factory built prefabs, small vacation homes, shipping container homes, backyard cottages, laneway houses, tiny houses, small cabins, small prefab and modular houses, small cottages, small modern and minimalist houses, minimalist Japanese houses, RV's, and motorhomes to name a few. The tiny house movement is quickly gaining popularity as a great way to downsize and save money, or a way to build a vacation getaway, whatever reason you have for choosing a small home, your sure to find something to suit your tastes.

To read more about this subject, visit the website link below to the "WheelHaus" website.

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