Cabin Porch Swing

Cabin Porch Swing

The porch of a cabin or any home is the perfect gathering place for family and friends, why not add on a cabin porch swing for added fun seating! Porches are always the place people go in the summer to hang out, usually in the afternoon, with a nice cold beverage in your hand, listening to the birds singing in the trees, feeling the nice warm breeze on your face, smelling all of the flowers and plant life that grow all around you! And what better way to do that than in a swing!? Made out of logs no less!

This design comes from Log Furniture How To, and it is actually a kit that you can purchase right off of their website for only $497.00! The swing is made out of Colorado Beetle Kill Pine or All American fir logs and the logs are all finished and sealed with a very good quality wood stain, giving the wood a natural, but enhanced, rich look. The hardware on the swing is metal and can come in black or bronze, the photo shows the black hardware, which looks very nice! Designed by Mitchell Dillman, this bench is a great size as well measuring in at a height of 32 inches, a Width of 42 inches, a Depth of 26 inches, the Seat is 16 inches high and the Arms are 25 inches. It would be perfect for one person or even 2 people, kids would love to go for a ride on the swing as well!

You can order the swing and have it delivered right to your door! You could be using it by the weekend, and have it become your new favourite spot to chill. You could even buy or make cushions for the seat and back with weather proof fabric!

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