Cabin Holidays In Scotland

Cabin Holidays In Scotland

Make the most of the great outdoors with cabin holidays in Scotland. You can stay in a self catering cabin such as the one pictured here. Nestled amongst the trees and overlooking the loch, it is the perfect place to rest, relax and explore. This simple cozy cabin makes a wonderful home away from home, a lovely place to rest after an adventurous day in the Scottish countryside or highlands. 'Visit Scotland' is the perfect place to gather all the information you need to plan your holiday in Scotland. Play a round of golf at one of their many courses or watch some of the world's best golfers in The Open Championship. Seeking an adrenaline rush? How about some white water rafting or a rowdy game of rugby?! For a more relaxing day on the water you can go kayaking or sailing or simply do some sunbathing. Visit ancient towers, fascinating wild life parks, gorgeous boutiques and ionic castles. With over 700 islands you can spend many days hopping from island to island, enjoying fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and meats. Tour Scotland by train. With 300 railway stations you can travel easily and conveniently from region to region. Take in the Highland Games or travel the Malt Whiskey Trail.

Scotland is vast land of beautiful scenery, incredible architecture and rich fascinating history. The land with the thistle as it's national flower is a treasure waiting for you to explore. This flower with it's beautiful delicate flower heads and sharp vicious thorns saved the Scottish clansman from Viking invasion. The barefoot Vikings surprised by the nasty thorns piercing their feet, cried out, thereby alerting the Scottish Army to their presence. All hail the thistle! This may also mean that you will want to wear footwear as you traverse the countryside. With its stubborn and tenacious grip on the land, the thistle is used by gold finches for nesting, as well as draws and feeds bees, butterflies and other insects. In spite of efforts to remove it, the thistle defiantly continues to flourish. Allow the places, people and land of Scotland to awe and inspire you by booking a cabin holiday in Scotland. To view cabin holidays in Scotland, go to 'Visit Scotland' by following the link below.

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