Butterfinger Nutter Butter Cheesecake Bars

Butterfinger Nutter Butter Cheesecake Bars

Butterfinger Nutter Butter Cheesecake Bars...say it quickly 3 times...the title of the recipe works well with that word repetition game. What a mouth full, on so many levels. Honestly look at the delicious ingredients in this dessert. Nutter butter cookies and Butterfinger chocolate bars, chocolate chips to name only 3 items in this treat. Are you familiar with the nutter butter cookie? Popular in the USA these little 3-4 inch cookies are shaped to look like a peanut. They were introduced to the public in 1969.

This peanut shaped cookie sandwich has a peanut butter filling. The Butterfinger on the other had is not a cookie, rather it is a candy bar that has a flaky, crisp, peanut butter flavored center. This is coated with a compound chocolate and was created in 1923 by Otto Schnering but is now manufactured by Nestle. Let's face it, there are people that crave these flavors. They grew up on them, then bought them for their kids and grand babies. Hard to resist old time goodie habits, as they bring back memories.

It will also be hard to resist this dessert. This is a very sweet one, so when you do make it, cut the pieces small. These squares would be fun to take as your contribution to a pot-luck party. People are often craving something sweet and if you cut the pieces small, even a little bite will go a long way to fill a sweet tooth craving. This is a baked dessert and you will really enjoy the magic that happens in the textures. There are some tricks to cutting the pieces to have better success with the chocolate layer on top.

Chocolate layers often will crack when you cut them leaving you will a less than perfect shape. A tip is to not let the chocolate layer on top chill or harden too much before you cut it. Often people will score through the chocolate when it is set enough to do so rather than wait until it has chilled. You will find the recipe and instructions for this oober-delicious dessert by visiting Lauren's Latest website below.

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