Butter Pecan Cake

Butter Pecan Cake

Need a recipe for a beautiful Butter Pecan Cake that is out of this world? You have come to the right place! We all know and love butter tarts with pecans in them or pecan pie, but did you know that there is a butter pecan cake? I honestly had never really heard of this type of recipe before, but I must say that it looks and sounds delicious. The other wonderful thing about this recipe is that it is fairly easy to make if you are a moderately experienced baker, or even if you are just a beginner. Pecan dessert recipes are abundant in North America. These pecan recipes seem to be especially prevalent in the Southern Untied States. It can be quite funny to travel down to a state like Texas where they pronounce the word pecan as "peh - cawn" but in other places we pronounce it as "pee-can" . The southern folks will tell you that a pee-can is something their grandmother used to store under her bed, not something that you want to be baking with! How ever you pronounce the word, the nut is famous around the world and loved by many.

Pecans come from a hickory tree that is native to the south of the United States and Mexico. The name pecan is actually from the Algonquin word for a nut that needs a stone to crack it. The trees that the pecans come from area deciduous tree, that can grow up to 131 feet high! The pecan is actually considered more of a fruit than a nut, and grows inside of a hard shell surrounded by a husk. As we all know, the pecan nut is a nice, rich and buttery flavoured nut that is used in dessert recipes and they are actually used in a lot of vegan and vegetarian food recipes to make meat - like products and doughs for desserts. The pecan is very high in protein and has a lot of beneficial fats as well. The wood of the pecan tree is also able to be used to make fine furniture, much like you see the walnut trees being used for.

This butter pecan cake is much like butter pecan ice cream in a cake. It takes all of those creamy, buttery and sweet flavours and infuses them into a scrumptious cake that can be enjoyed any time of year. Since the cake recipe is for a layered cake, when it is eaten you get a nice bite of creamy icing with every bite of cake. Even though people think that making a layered cake requires so much more work than a single layered cake, it isn't too much more work actually. You basically are just making two of the same cake, both of which can be baked together and then you just ice them both at the same time, stack them and coat with another layer of icing. The finished cake actually looks very classy too, all white with the little flecks of golden pecan throughout.

In the recipe, you actually make your own butter pecans, which are fabulous to have as a little treat all on their own, but these will be distributed throughout the cake and in the frosting. The cake is made from scratch, which I love, because seriously everything made from scratch just tastes so much better in my opinion, so it makes me happy to see the full on cake recipe. The frosting is also hand made, yet very simple, with butter, confectioners sugar and cream. From start to finish, this cake recipe should be able to be made in about an hour and ten minutes. I always find it helps to thoroughly read through the recipe and get out all of the ingredients before even starting. Enjoy trying out this fabulous recipe! Happy Baking!

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