Bus Converted into Mobile Food Market Brings Fresh Produce To Low-Income Neighbourhoods

Bus Converted into Mobile Food Market Brings Fresh Produce To Low-Income Neighbourhoods

The world as we have known it, is changing and there are many ways that it is changing for the better! Here is a Bus Converted into Mobile Food Market Brings Fresh Produce To Low-Income Neighbourhoods in Toronto, Ontario, in Canada. There are many people who choose to focus on the ways the world is going down, the war, the poverty, the mental health status of people, people not caring for animals and the environment, the list goes on and on. Even though these things are happening and do exists, there are still other things that people are doing to balance out these situations too. There are ways we can steer ourselves and humanity in a better direction, and it is happening all over!

This is done by thinking of ways that we can serve one another and humanity, by opening our hearts and seeing what could change, and then brainstorming ways that we can perhaps change things. This doesn't have to be huge, and it usually starts small, with the ideas that people have and the solutions they come up with to help others. Usually, it is just done within our own communities, just like this project that was done through the United Way Toronto, and Food Share. People saw a need for fresh fruits and vegetables in the lower income communities of the city of Toronto, so they went to the streets to help bring healthy fruits and vegetables to the people of the city.

People were realizing that there was not a good source of nutritious fruits and vegetables in every community, and that not every grocery store had good quality produce. There was research done, that also brought to their attention that some people couldn't afford good quality fruits and vegetables with the rising costs of food prices. This was forcing people to buy fake food products, and to eat a lot more processed foods. This is not good for people's health, and these people saw that something needed to be done about it.

This is when the mobile food market idea came into play. What a fabulous idea it is too, isn't it?! They took a truck and filled it to the brim with good produce, and then took it to the neighbourhoods who needed it most. People who don't drive or don't have a good grocery store close by them, or people who just can't afford the prices. The food is all priced very fairly, so that people can afford it, and everyone goes home with some nutritious food. Not only is this good for people's health, it is great for forming community too. People come out to the market on the weekend, kind of like a farmer's market, and they enjoy interacting with the different people in their community, which is a great way to form lasting bonds and to reduce crime. This is such a great idea, and would benefit a lot of the larger cities all over the world. Its with ideas like this, that we can help our fellow humans.

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