Building a Timber Frame Barn Home...What You Need to Know

Building a Timber Frame Barn Home...What You Need to Know

These days anything goes when it comes to the type of house you live in. Like barn houses for example, there are different Types Of Barn Homes like the ones shown over at the Hobby Farms website. These barn houses are pretty easy to fall in love with, not only because they are so beautifully constructed, much like a log home building project, but because they give that feeling of simplicity that living on a farm gives us. You don't even have to live on a farm to have a barn style house though, just like you don't have to live in the woods to live in a log house. Just like we see log home building happening everywhere from inside towns and cities, we can also see barn houses being built in these places as well. Barn houses are becoming quite popular these days as the rustic farm style has been gracing interior design for a few years now. There is something about taking the old and rustic style of an old farm house or barn and mixing it with newer contemporary style that just gives it so much appeal. So if you are really loving the rustic and chic barn house style, then you will be pleased to look through these different types of barn homes from the Hobby Farms website.

When it comes to building a barn house, there are actually different styles to consider. You may think that all barns are built the same way with the same style and design concepts in mind, but there are actually a few different styles to choose from. There is the bank barn for instance, which is when a barn house is built into the side of a hill which provides two above ground levels that can be accessed from the ground. There is the round barn, which is as its name implies, round in its shape, and there is the pole barn which is named after the poles that support the structure. Then there is the timber frame post and beam style of barn house that is known for its exposed wooded beams and high open ceilings. But what most of these barn houses have in common is their gambrel style roof, just like you would see on a typical barn, as well as an open living space inside the home. Many of them make use of the large, sliding doors that many actual barns have, which adds such a cool, industrial feel to the design.

Of course, some people choose to build their barn house from scratch, using a company to build it all for them, or sometimes people will choose to build it all on their own. There are also barn house manufacturers that will pre manufacture barn houses and then deliver the materials to the building site to be built. This makes the process so much easier than having to source all of the materials and cut them to size yourself. Then, there are people who choose to remodel an old pre-existing barn, and bring it back to life repurposing it as a house. Just like any home building project, the costs will vary depending on where you live and what company you choose to build or renovate your house. If you are doing a DIY home building or home renovating project you can save a lot of money, but you will also probably take more time to build your barn house since you will be learning as you go. Luckily, there is so much great information on the Hobby Farms website about barn houses and the different styles and ways to go about building them. So make sure you check out more information on their awesome website.*

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