Building a Gypsy Wagon

Building a Gypsy Wagon

With the tiny house movement being more popular than ever before, you are seeing all sorts of tiny homes around the world, from hand built cob cottages, strawbale homes, prefab tiny houses, modular tiny houses, off grid tiny homes, log cabins, dome houses, yurts, micro homes and more. The tutorial on "Building a Gypsy Wagon," found on this site, is a step by step tutorial on building your own gypsy wagon tiny home.

The builder of this tiny gypsy wagon has been interested in gypsy wagons or "vardo" as they are commonly know, and western sheepherder wagons for several years. This version of the gypsy wagons is built to be towable down the highway, rather than pulled by horses. The builder has read just about every book he possibly could on wagons, old school RV construction and trailers, and he went from there. He needed something that would be easily maneuverable and hot, and that would sleep two to three people. He wanted to still use the old world craftsmanship. He also wanted to keep the costs as low as possible, without sacrificing the quality of the build. Wood would be his primary building material.

Most of the work for their gypsy wagon was performed with a table saw, band saw, drill and hand tools. It is a work in progress, but can currently be used on the road. The builder did several sketches on graph paper in order to come up with his design. He wanted to have a seven foot width for sleeping cross ways, and eight to ten feet long, and enough height to stand up in. To start a sturdy little cargo trailer with a heavy duty frame was found, the box on the trailer had to be removed with tools. To see lots of photos and instructions of the step by step process you will want to keep reading on the site.

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