Build Your Own Eco House Cheap

Build Your Own Eco House Cheap

Are you considering building a smaller more affordable type of home. Do you want to move in a house that is eco-friendly and pocket book friendly? Here are the top 10 affordable and nature-friendly homes with corresponding estimated expenses:

1. $300 Earthbag House

Among the most economical houses that you can build without compromising the good condition of nature is Earthbag House. As a matter of fact, you can build this house in as low as $300. These houses are based on military techniques, stacking sandbags quickly, and they are earthquake and blast resistant.

2. $2,000 Off-Grid Cabin

An off-grid solar cabin is another low-cost house that you should consider. You will be running your appliances that you will use since it is only solar-powered.

3. $3,000 Dancing Rabbit Cob House

A cob house is very economical. It is perfect for families who are on a tight budget. It has earth-based materials such as lime, straw, and mud that are often free and easily available, depending where you are building.

4. $5,700 Renovated Airstream

Cozy living can be experienced in a renovated Airstream. Tearing out the old plastic and replacing with lightweight wood, will make this feel give and update to make the Airstream feel warm and modern.

5. 3,000 Hobbit House in Wales

A Hobbit house is another house worth considering that you can have for your family. This is an underground type of dwelling that has a grass roof.

6. $10,000 Timber Frame House

This is actually a cabin that can be built very easily and for the DIY person, a project that can be done with materials that are easy to acquire.

7. $12,000 Salvaged Tiny House

Living in a tiny house can be advantageous if you are looking to change your lifestyle and not owe large sums of money on building big and fancy. You can build your tiny house with just recycled and salvaged materials. It may not be fancy, but if you are looking more for a 'lifestyle' that gives interaction with your family, this is an option.

8. $20,000 Straw Bale Home

Eco-friendly, and natural, a straw bail house offers a building experience that is manageable without prior experience.

9. $40,000 Shipping Container Home

Shipping containers that are reclaimed are another option. There are many plans and instructions available as this type of housing becomes more popular. You can make it more classy and modern, and even replace walls with glass.

10. $25,000 Floating Homestead

This home is built on a float and comes complete with cabin, wood sheds and garden. A fabulous lifestyle for on the water living.

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