Build a Cottage That Will Make Your Friend Jealous for Just $8,959

Build a Cottage That Will Make Your Friend Jealous for Just $8,959

Imagine having your very own charming private "Log Cottage" like this! This log cottage is called the Writers Haven, and it is a unique and lovely log cottage you will love. You could use this tiny log cottage as a sanctuary to write and be alone with your thoughts.

This log cottage has translucent roofing and lots of windows that allow for plenty of natural light to fill the room. This is a great space for spending days reading, writing, painting or just relaxing. You could complete this space with a daybed, or a futon couch that pulls out into a bed. There is also a built-in desk that provides a great space for working, no matter what you like to do. You are sure to feel inspired in a nice little quality space such as this.

You will want to take a look at this great site that offers a wide variety of prefabricated wooden buildings, log cottages and cute sheds. These buildings can be customized to match whatever you need. There are options for additional insulation, electrical packages, and plumbing. There are also additional options for the siding, flooring, windows, roofing and doors. Other custom options can include decorative arches, built in storage, painting, cupolas, staining and flower boxes. Take a closer look at their site and see what they have to offer, and if you have any questions you can give their customer service agents a call.

It's easy to imagine this cute log cottage located beside a beach, the ocean, a lake or close to the mountains. You can choose to use this log cottage for whatever it is you want. You might use it as an artist studio, tucked away onto a corner of your property away from distractions. You could also consider using this log cottage as your backyard office, or a tiny workshop space.

On Jamaica Cottage Shop website, you will find all sorts of prefabricated buildings for a variety of different needs. There are garden sheds, animal shelters, children's playhouses and farm stands. This a company that takes genuine pride in knowing that their custom made log cabin kits are handmade in Vermont. The prefabricated log cottage kits and shed are made from pine lumber and native rough sawn hemlock. All the parts for the prefabricated building kits are color coded and precut for easy assembly. You can choose to construct your prefabricated kit on your own, or you might decide upon hiring someone to do it for you, either way you will be happy with the results.

When it comes time to building your prefabricated kits, it takes about forty hours with two people to put it together. All of the prefabricated kits are shipped with all of the fastening hardware, step by step instructions and metal roofing that you need for the assembly. The good news, especially for people with only beginner carpentry skills, is that you don't need any special tools to build these kits, and if you need some guidance along the way, their technical support team is available on their toll-free support line. The prefabricated log cottage cabin kits are specially made to order, and they can be customized to fit whatever you need.

The Jamaica Cottage Shop offers insulations, electrical and plumbing packages, along with all sorts of other extra for you to choose from. We offer insulation, plumbing, and electrical packages. After you take a look at their site and the gallery of the wide variety of great sheds, log cabins and other prefabricated kits the company offers you can talk with one of their customer service representatives and get a quote on something you might be considering.

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