Boston Cream Pie Donuts

Boston Cream Pie Donuts

A traditional Boston Cream Pie is normally a cake filled with creamy custard then frosted with chocolate ganache. The Boston Cream Pie is the official dessert of Massachusetts. A doughnut, on the other hand, is a ring-shaped flour dough fried in oil. It can either be glazed or topped with different flavored toppings. There is, however, another type of doughnut, uses the same flour but is not ring-shaped. It is round and filled with all types of sweet filling. So, can you imagine combining the Boston Cream Pie and Doughnut in one dessert. Sounds sweetly good.

This recipe actually uses a ready-made dough, so it's fairly easy. You won't need to roll-out the dough for your doughnut. This recipe might actually take less than an hour to make, not including frying time. You will need less than five ingredients for this, not including the filling. You might think its unlikely to use biscuit mix for doughnuts, but you will be pleasantly surprised. The flaky texture of the doughnut will complement the creaminess of the filling and the velvety smooth texture of the chocolate ganache. The tricky part of this recipe basically the filling. You can use plain vanilla pudding or make your own pudding.

Making your own dessert can both be a big challenge and huge accomplishment. You won't need expertise on pastry and baking to make this very easy dessert. As with any recipe, you can alter it to suit your taste and preference. This dessert will have the creamy concept of a boston cream cake, but the light and tender texture of a doughnut. The biscuit mix is perfect to even out the sweetness of the ganache and filling.

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