Blue Moon Rising MoonShine

Blue Moon Rising MoonShine

Tiny house, micro homes, and small house vacation homes are becoming a popular option for family vacations, with modern and rustic tiny homes, available all over the world, giving people a chance to experience small house living, and what its like. This tiny house vacation home "Blue Moon Rising - MoonShine," is a rustic little cabin, that takes its occupants back in time.

This cute tiny house vacation home is price at $169 per night, located in Mchenry, Maryland, the small house sleeps four guest comfortably. This tiny house has one bathroom, a murphy bed on the first level, built in bench for seating in the main area, bunkbed are that overlooks the main living space, low flow toilets to high efficiency heaters, lighting and insulation. The exterior of this tiny house is beautiful with a rustic feel, that uses reclaimed barn wood, and cedar shakes, with a cute front porch. This tiny house has all the amenities needed to include internet, parking, pets allowed, kitchen, bathroom, shower, hot water, family and kid friendly and fire pit, for late night marshmallow roasts. This tiny house is a great vacation experience for the whole family.

No wonder the tiny house movement is becoming so popular, there are so many designs, shapes, sizes, and styles of tiny houses to choose from. Each tiny house is different from the last, making these small homes a true reflection of the builder and owners personality and preferences. Another reason tiny houses are becoming more and more popular, is the freedom they afford, with most people owning their tiny homes outright, it allows for more savings for retirement, and freedom to travel and pursue hobbies and interests along the way, instead of being tied to a large mortgage for the rest of your life.

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