Big Sky Retreat Costs About $15,000 to Build

Big Sky Retreat Costs About $15,000 to Build

This is definitely a must see! This wonderful place to stay in the UK, Big Sky Retreat only Costs About $15,000 to Build! That is not a lot when you think about how much the average house costs these days. Scott Evans wanted to be an example for his son, and other people, that you don't have to do things the way main stream society does them. That you don't need to live the life of the rat race and make yourself go into such debt over having something you are paying off for the rest of your life. In fact, you can have a beautiful home, or retreat center in nature and live quite a happy life without having to worry about keeping up with he the "Jones' " as they say. I am a huge fan of the DIY movement that is sweeping the nation. People are taking control over their lives and realizing that they can do this all themselves! It's a really amazing thing to see happening!

Scott got his plans from Bill Coperthwaite, who was his inspiration, but since they were scratched on the back of a cigarette pack, he couldn't really make out what the plans were exactly, so, he took things into his own hands and started to build and just make it up as he went along. He used scrap materials, reusing and recycling where ever he could, which helped to keep costs low, but you are always going to have costs creep up on you that you just can't help. Like the plumbing and toilet. But these are things that are going to be a long term investment for this property that is going to make him money.

Head over to Tiny House Blog by following the link in the description below for photos and videos about this awesome retreat yurt in the beautiful country side!

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