Behold the new God of Chocolate: Twitter Goes Crazy for the 'Toblorange' After Man Tops his Toblerone with Terry's Chocolate Orange Segments

Behold the new God of Chocolate: Twitter Goes Crazy for the 'Toblorange' After Man Tops his Toblerone with Terry's Chocolate Orange Segments

Looking for the best chocolate recipe to enhance your next dinner party? Wondering about what to include in a chocolate gift box? Behold the new God of chocolate: Twitter goes crazy for the 'Toblorange' after a man tops his Toblerone with Terry's Chocolate Orange Segments. Have you heard the story yet? It all started in January, 2016, when James Hannah, British author of The A to Z of You and Me, had an inspiration to place segments of Terrys Chocolate Orange Segments between each of a Toblerone bars ridges. If hed left it at that, no one ever would have been the wiser; however, he then proceeded to take a photo of his new creation and posted it on Twitter. Thats when the crowds went wild, and a whole new chocolate-orange sensation, the Toblorange bar, was born.

Within minutes after James initial post, people were going out and buying their own Toblerones and Chocolate Oranges. They tried their hand at the new art of Toblorange-making. Some used the classic milk chocolate Toblerone bar, and some used white chocolate Toblerones, making for a beautiful variety of unique-looking Toblorange inventions. Best yet, everyone began sampling these new chocolate recipes and some even gorged on them. Much of this was recorded on Twitter as individuals posted their photos and Toblorange experiences on a moment-to-moment basis. This all happened on January 2nd, 2016 exactly one day after New Years, and so, chocolate lovers and orange chocolate lovers, alike, were off to a delicious start for the year. Manufacturers of the Toblerone and Terry chocolate products werent doing so bad, either.

The Toblerone manufacturing company even jumped in on the action, creating a Toblorange of its own. Although we dont know exactly how it all transpired, we can only guess that James Hannah had received a Toblerone bar and a bag of Terrys Chocolate Orange Segments for Christmas, had opened both packages at the same, and thought it might be fun to put it all together. Perhaps he was just bored, but he was probably amazed at how well the two fit together how the chocolate orange segments seemed to be made especially for the Toblerone gaps, as they fit into them so perfectly. However it all came about, we do know that Twitter fans are very grateful. The Toblorange is now a huge hit as a dinner party dessert recipe.

Famous for its unique triangular prism shape, the first Toblerone chocolate bar was invented in Bern, Switzerland in 1908 by Theodor Tobler, with help from his dear cousin, Emil Baumann. The original Toblerone chocolate bar recipe included pure milk chocolate, honey, almonds, and nougat. Many believe the shape of the Toblerone bar was inspired by the Swiss Matterhorn mountain peak, which closely resembles a pyramid structure. Some say Tobler had wanted to include this symbol in his chocolate bar so that everyone would recognize the town within which it had first been made. Toblerone bars are now owned and produced by American company Mondelez International, Incorporated.

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