Behold! 646 Square Feet Of Heavenly Bliss…

Behold! 646 Square Feet Of Heavenly Bliss…

For many people considering building a tiny house or small house, the location in which you are going to build the tiny house or small house can be as important as the plans for the tiny house you are building. This "646 Sq. Ft. Modern Cabin in Sweden," is a perfect example of this, situated in a beautiful forest location that extends the indoor space of the tiny cabin, out into the spacious forest setting.

This tiny cabin in Sweden is 646 square feet, but it certainly doesn't feel like a tiny house. The modern tiny cabin has white walls and wooden floors that lend to it's spacious feeling, along with one of the walls of the tiny cabin being glass panels that completely fold up to give a whole wall of open space that is perfect on a sunny day, it makes the forest feel like your front yard. The beautiful tiny cabin has an excellent indoor and outdoor space, with great windows, a kitchen with lots of cabinets and space to cook, two bedrooms on the main floor, floating stairs up to the bedroom loft, a bathroom, and wooden exterior that fits in perfectly with its natural environment. There are plenty of photos on the site to take a look at this amazing tiny cabin in the middle of the woods.

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