Beep. Boop. The Future. Of. Mobile Homes. Is. Here.

Beep. Boop. The Future. Of. Mobile Homes. Is. Here.

Here is a rather unique concept for a mobile home for one person! A lot of us when we think of mobile homes, think of a trailer and they range in attractive to unattractive. Some mobile homes are now constructed similarly to conventional homes. On average a mobile home can range in cost up to $100K, with the lot or pad not included. Even though their value plummets once acquired their cost effectiveness can outweigh this fact, accounting for the fact that a years worth of utilities can amount to smaller costs.

Glamour and Ritz are not words usually associated with mobile homes, and you would definitely not attach the price tag of a million dollars for such a residence although those hi-end mobile homes can be found in California where they splurge luxury and lavishness. Surrounded by celebrities and Paradise Cove in Malibu, California, you can find that sort of place if you willing to fork out the big dollars. At that price you will get a three bedroom mobile home with parking for five cars, a spa and you would be walking distance to the beach!

If you are into a very simple lifestyle you are in luck. In Germany, a designer has transformed and given a new twist to the mobile home. To put in perspective, he has constructed a mobile/ tricycle/RV with all the necessities to fit and accommodate the daily needs of one person. The idea behind that type of construction is for someone that is on the go constantly travelling. The main downside, unlike the other larger mobile homes available on the market, this one does not have a bathroom, but if this fits your lifestyle and you think a one man mobile home could be your home away from home check the Toxel website.

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