Beautiful Stunning Amazing Log Cabin Home

Beautiful Stunning Amazing Log Cabin Home

Throughout the five generations of the Propst family in 130 years, they have been producing the best woods products which set the standard for outstanding log homes. The beautiful Estemerwalt log home company is the best when it comes to service, outgoing staff and has meticulous skills in craftsmanship.

The name Estemerwalt came in the mid-1920s, when patriarch Peter Propst bought the land and lake on which the headquarter office are located. The land was actually bought mainly for recreational purposes and it was not until years later the mill transferred from Archbald, Pa. to Honesdale. Then Peter decided to name the lake after his three children, Esther, Emery and Walter. And thus the Estemerwalt Lake was born. Their log home manufacture changed its name in the 1980s from Propst Lumber to Estemerwalt Log Homes to put emphasis on the change of new direction of their company.

What made Estemerwalt Log Homes different from other log home companies is that they are particular with the needs of their clients and have friendly service. Each log, piece of sliding, timber, tongue and groove and all wood surfaces you see are manually sawn, dried and manufactured in there. They also have the most complete home package among any other companies in the business.

The beautiful Estemerwalt log home offers the best quality logs. Their log walls are ranked and reviewed based on the Timber Product Inspection Inc. (TPI) standards to make sure its excellent quality and structural reliability. Many people said that the quality of Estemerwalt is exceptional and that the staffs were very helpful during the construction process. The Estemerwalt Log Homes can help you make your dreams to reality. The equipment, material used and its quality are the primary reasons why people are satisfied with their service.

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