Beautiful Log Home Plans

Beautiful Log Home Plans

Today there are more tiny homes, small homes and log cabin styles, plans and designs to choose from, than ever before. These "Beautiful Off Grid Home Plans," offer some insight on what its like to live off grid.

This beautiful off grid home plan is 1,555 square feet and designed by Allison Ramsey Architects Inc., called "Whisper Creek." The rustic off grid design has a patio that wraps around half of the rustic cabin, with a patio in the back as well, the covered patio is perfect for summer days and nights to enjoy the surrounding scenery. The interior design of the off grid home is gorgeous, and well suited to the wooden exterior design of the place. The owners have decorated the dining area with a wooden table and black Windsor back chairs, and an original country light fixture. The rustic off grid home has two bathrooms, two and a half bathrooms, one floor, a crawlspace underneath the house, a kitchen with a snack land and open design, a dining room library area, a fireplace and laundry area.

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