'Bear Creek' Super 408 Sqft Log Cabin Costing only $28k has a Great Floor Plan!

'Bear Creek' Super 408 Sqft Log Cabin Costing only $28k has a Great Floor Plan!

Are you looking for a relatively quick, inexpensive, and easy way to build your log cabin? Searching for ideal floor plans? Well, look no further than the Bear Creek Log Cabin design offered by Conestoga Log Cabin Kits and Home.

This classic log cabin is 408 square feet and perfect for small family excursions, or possibly for a hunting or fishing camp for a few friends. The spacious kitchen is 12 by 17 feet with tons of room for youre a dining room table and all of your favorite kitchen appliances. A 61 square foot storage loft resides above the bathroom for all of your extra storage needs a great place for gear and other supplies. The 6-foot front porch is full-length a wonderful spot to sit back, relax, and watch the clouds stream by. Theres also a bathroom and a bunk room with ample space for sleeping.

Based in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, the folks over at Conestoga Log Cabin Kits and Home have over thirty years of manufacturing and log cabin-kit building experience. When they first opened their doors, it was their vision to become leading-edge manufacturers in the log cabin kit industry, and now they offer many time-tested, professional designs to choose from.

Conestoga has invested in a 100,000 square foot factory with the hope of shortening delivery times while increasing efficiency all with the intention of saving their clients more money! They specialize in quick and easy log homes that are less than 2500 square feet and have sold over 3000 log cabin kits so far to all fifty states, as well as seven additional countries. Their high-quality logs are known to endure the test of time, as theyre subject to far less warping and shrinkage than many others.

To learn more, and to see the complete Bear Creek Log Cabin floor plan, please visit the Conestoga Log Cabins website, below!!

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