Awesome tiny house SOLD

Awesome tiny house SOLD

Did you flinch when you saw SOLD in the listing of this Awesome tiny house SOLD? Well, there is nothing wrong with examining the features of the place and thinking how you could use them to create your own unique tiny home. Build this tiny home yourself and you will have comfortable and unique living quarters that could house two people without too much difficulty.

This tiny house is the whole meal deal. When you look at the photos on the site, everything you see is included. That means the dishes hanging happily in the kitchen, the TV on the wall, and even the built in couch and cushions. This is a turnkey home. Just turn the key and you are home. It is a spacious 100 square foot construction on wheels ready to travel. The loft bedroom is well worth seeing, whether or not you plan to buy such a home yourself. The entire unit is wired for television and all the conveniences of a large home at a fraction of the cost and hassle. Plus, you can take this home wherever you go. As they say, have wheels, will travel.

The toilet is a green composting unit. The kitchen table folds up to give you more space, and to get up to the loft bed, the ladder pulls out and then gets tucked away again. This way, the home seems much bigger than it is. There are plenty of windows all the way around to give light where and when you need it. A six gallon electric water heater, 30 amps of power and five outlets with 120 volt wiring are part of this generous package. Air conditioning and a fireplace complete the scene for this ready to go power home. Check it out today and consider yours tomorrow.

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