Awesome Log Table

Awesome Log Table

Awesome isn't quite the word for this miracle of reclaimed natural artistry on this log furniture. This wood table brings together the best in traditional horizonal surface functionality with the rawness of nature, fusing the two components into a sculptural homage to humanity's quest for balance. Not in any sense of the word is this table simple. Elegant, charming, luxurious, graceful, and sophisticated are all adjectives that come to mind. You could also rival those terms of modernity and chic with those such as 'powerful', 'unprocessed', 'feral', and 'rugged'; all descriptors equally capable of offering a summation of this phenomenal wooden artifact.

This visually striking log furniture table - useful for coffee, a wabi-sabi magazine display, or a refined and disturbingly modern visual montage - is a wooden masterpiece with more than just the usual feet-up-after-a-long-day-of-work type of potential for furnishing applications. Personally, I'd like one of these in every room of the house; bathroom included. This table is part of an annual architecture, design, and style show, "Casa Cor", a Brazilian franchise which takes place in cities across Brazil. This installment is set in the ancient Salvador Beach Hotel, nestled in the lovely and historic city of Salvador, Bahia, a province in the northeast of Brazil.

The show features 62 different "environments" created by 98 different professionals from a variety of fields including interior design, architecture, and landscape architecture. This exquisite wooden table - if you can imagine - is just one of many incredible and unique features on display. Constructed with maximum attention to and use of the natural material, the table's weight is carried by two of its own legs (splaying out from the single-piece slab of wood as though grown intentionally for use as a table), and one combined leg fashioned from metal. Through this marriage, the artist reveals humanity's dependence on natural materials, yet highlights the merging of those with man-made products. The sculptural style focuses on the savage and undeniable power of natural form, and at once, through shaping, sanding, and finish, tames that rawness into a useable, knowable, and artistic form.

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