Awesome House Truck In Golden Bay Sleeps Four In Style

Awesome House Truck In Golden Bay Sleeps Four In Style

This is such a cute cabin! This Awesome House Truck In Golden Bay Sleeps Four In Style! It may look small, but there is lots of space in store in this quaint little abode in Golden Bay, New Zealand. Can you imagine staying here with your loved one or your family? It would be such a nice little retreat! They even have tents if you need to host more people, which is nice to offer. There is even a large claw foot tub, and as you will see, it is in a very different location than a tub usually is, but it is all good because there are no neighbours to even look out and see you! How fun would that be? It is situated near the ocean too, so you could definitely catch a beautiful sun set or a few while you enjoyed your stay here. It is a super peaceful and very private getaway!

The cabin is nice and warm and even has a little fridge and toaster oven and other cooking amenities so that you can cook your own food, so you wouldn't even have to leave if you didn't want to! There is a great little wood burning stove to keep you warm on cooler nights, and a table and chairs to eat inside if the weather is not the nicest. I like how the loft still has some head space, and you wouldn't feel like you were sleeping in a coffin. There are great little windows, many of them stained glass which is a nice touch, and they let a lot of nice light into the space. They even have it listed on Air Bnb so you can also see photos and book through there!

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