Awesome Chainsaw Carving By Matthew Crabb

Awesome Chainsaw Carving By Matthew Crabb

You won't believe this "Awesome Chainsaw Carving By Matthew Crabb!" These detailed pieces of chainsaw art bring the crane to life, standing atop a wooden stump and surrounded by bullrushes, its like you're standing right beside the real thing, amazing.

Matthew Crabb is a creative chainsaw artist from West Somerset. He accepts commissioned work, anything from bespoke carved signs to large scale tree stump sculptures. He is happy to travel to commissions and has worked as far away as Germany. This talented chainsaw artist has won plenty of chainsaw carving championships with carved Dragons, crystal guardian and the Kracken pieces of art. On is site you will get to see some of his amazing, detailed pieces of chainsaw art from detailed dragons heads, benches with owls, incredible dragon chair, peacocks and dinosaurs. On the site you can see the chainsaw artist busy at work, and you really get to take a close up look at his amazingly detailed pieces of chainsaw art. You'll want to take a look!

In the 1980s chainsaw art began to grow with Art Moe getting a lot of exposure for the craft at the Lumberjack World Championships held in Hayward, Wisconsin. This event was broadcast nationally. The addition of carving contests from the west coast to the east coast brought log carvers together to test their skills and learn from each other. The first Chainsaw Carving World Championships was held in 1987 and was won by then 24-year-old Barre Pinske. The 1980s also saw the development of the Cascade Chainsaw Sculptors Guild and their newsletter, The Cutting Edge, mailed out to many members throughout the Pacific Northwest and the rest of the United States. The 80's also brought the first book on chainsaw carving, Fun and Profitable Chainsaw Carving by William Westenhaver and Ron Hovde, published in 1982. Other books soon followed, including a book by Hal MacIntosh published in 1988 titled Chainsaw Art and in 2001 Chainsaw Carving: The Art and Craft. He published material on chainsaw carving that predated the popularity of the Internet.

The oldest chainsaw artist records go back to the 1950s, which include artists like Ray Murphy and Ken Kaiser. Although the general impression of the public is that it is largely performance art (because of the noise, sawdust, and very fast carving results), there are a few chainsaw carvers now producing stunning works of art. These works can be produced in a fraction of the time that would normally be expected if only conventional tools such as mallet and gouges were used. Many carvers continue to use other tools alongside the chainsaw, although the chainsaw remains the primary tool. With the growth of the Internet, chainsaw carving has become a worldwide phenomenon with chainsaw carvers from all over the world.

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