Awesome Aluminum Foil Tricks

Awesome Aluminum Foil Tricks

It's quite probable that every household owns at least one roll of aluminum foil. It is a common kitchen item used to wrap or package food to preserve it and keep food fresh. Aside from packaging, it can be used to make cooking easier and much more efficient since its a good conductor of heat. Using aluminum foil can cut your cooking time in almost half without you having to worry about your food drying out or losing its moisture, since while conducting heat, the material keeps the juices in and allows the food to cook in its own juices.

But aside from the conventional uses of aluminum foil in the kitchen, there are many other uses for this household staple all over the house. Did you know that you can cut your ironing time in half by placing aluminum foil on your ironing board? By doing this you won't have to turn the clothes over to iron the other side. Pretty neat huh? A great way to save on electricity consumption as well. This, and 16 other more aluminum foil hacks that you utilize around the house. Some of these hacks might be familiar to you while some others might blow your mind. There's no downside to knowing these aluminum foil hacks.

Probably one of the finest attributes of aluminum foil is that you can recycle it and reuse it when the need rises. Like I mentioned earlier, after using the sheet of aluminum on your ironing board you can simply roll it back up for future use. Simple! There might be well over 17 alternative uses to aluminum foil; use it in the kitchen, garden, garage, laundry room, heck you can even use it as an art material for your DIY crafts. This household item is very versatile and convenient. Its a whole world of possibilities.

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