Authentic Log Cabin Exquisitely Restored to 1900s Splendor

Authentic Log Cabin Exquisitely Restored to 1900s Splendor

Architectural restoration can be a very time-consuming and challenging business. It invariably requires hard work, determination, an eye for detail, and a certain amount of ingenuity to pull off such a project. But for the people who have become enchanted by a style of architecture from days gone by, such an undertaking can be well worth the effort. Certainly it was for the people who restored this log cabin, making it a portal back to the turn of the last century. Although it took them forty years to complete the whole project, they're still amazed at its simple beauty and rustic splendor. I'm sure you will be, too.

It does make one wonder, though, how the architecture of certain time periods can be so alluring to certain people. Is it merely an aesthetic appeal that inspires a man to work on his cabin for forty years? Perhaps, on some unconscious level, an old fashioned building speaks to us of another age - and a project to reclaim a particular style of building might, in some lights, seem an attempt to reclaim a different style of life. It's easy to romanticize the past, especially when you've got a wooden cabin like this one to inspire you. One step through these generous wooden doors and a person must feel like they're roughing it on the frontier, far from civilization, and with the modern world nothing more than a hazy and distant dream. One can't help but to admit, that does sound pretty appealing, all in all.

Have a look for yourself through some of the photos of this rustic restoration at the Off Grid World website below, and read all about the story of the men who were inspired to recreate the past for no small amount of effort on their part.

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