AuSable Timber Log Cabin Kit Starts at Just $8,700

AuSable Timber Log Cabin Kit Starts at Just $8,700

Building a home can be an overwhelming job, you wonder where to get the materials, how to plan out the design and how to put it all together. That is where a log cabin kit like the AuSable Timber Log Cabin Kit, comes in handy, and it Starts at Just $8,700 too, which is a wonderful, affordable price. Prefabricated home kits have been a great go-to option for people who would like to own a home of their own, but need an easy option. The log cabin kits like this one from Panel Concepts LLP, come with everything that one needs in the process. All of the logs for the home are pre-milled, kiln dried, and include a double ended tongue in grove cut so that the logs fit perfectly together to maximize the thermal mass of the cabin. This means that it will be airtight, preventing any air from escaping or entering into the cabin to keep it at a desirable temperature all year round.

Upon first glance, you will notice the lovely look of the logs used to create this home. The Panel Concepts LLP company only uses the highest quality logs in their construction, to ensure that the cabin will be the best it can be. The porch is sweet, with the carved, intricate railing around the perimeter of the porch. It is a great, sheltered area that can be used for multiple uses, like barbecuing, eating, playing games or just quietly enjoying a sunset. The cabin comes with the windows and door as well as the roof, and all are customizable to the customer's liking. There are also add-ons like flower boxes to embellish the patio and loft kits that can be added on for more sleeping space, or storage space. Partitions and walls can be added on as well to create more privacy for the dwellers.

The AuSable Timber log cabin is available in several different sizes as well, which opens up more options for the customer. The cabins range from the smallest cabin being a 12 by 12 foot, 144 square foot cabin for only $8,703 to start. The cabin goes all the way up to 20 by 40 feet with a square footage of 800 and at a starting price of $23, 192. There are also options in between like a 16 by 16 foot home that is 256 square feet costing $13, 325 for the starting price. Their team of designers will work with each different customer to help them design the perfectly unique cabin for their personal needs. This way, the customer can choose from the different designs and sizes making it easier to get what they want.

Once the cabin is shipped to the site, it is ready to be assembled, whether the customer gets a contractor to build it or wants to take a more DIY approach, the cabin is easily put together having great instructions to follow. Panel Concepts has been creating log cabins since 1996, so they are well versed in the different styles that work for cabins and the best build. They offer camping and hunting cabins as well, for those treks into the backcountry. All of the cabins are engineered to meet building codes so that you don't have to worry about them passing any guidelines. You can check out the design specs of this AuSable cabin, as well as others on their website; they also have a great photo gallery to peruse through and a video section with informational videos on their cabin kits as well as an assembly video that shows they process of putting the cabin together. Have a look and be inspired by all of the amazing choices.

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