At Only $7000 this Cute Log Cabin Design is Fresh and Modern for 2016

At Only $7000 this Cute Log Cabin Design is Fresh and Modern for 2016

This 2016 wooden prefab design looks just like a chalet you would find on a mountainside somewhere in Europe. The good news is that this prefab is affordable at just $140 to $350 US per square ten feet. You could build this wooden prefab close to one of your favorite ski trails or maybe beside the lake, a vacation home where you can spend quality time with family and friends. Whatever the use of this prefab design it is built with quality building materials like Russian Pine, fiberglass roofing shingles, solid wood doors and more. Maybe you might add a green roof and be really environmentally friendly; the sky is the limit. A living roof or green roof has many purposes when used on top of a prefab home or cabin. Green roofs help with absorbing rainwater, creating a natural habitat for wildlife, providing insulation, and these roofs can also help to decrease stress in people as they are so aesthetically beautiful. Green roofs are also known to help lower the air temperatures in urban areas.

You will find prefab designs in a variety of styles from Craftsman to log cabin, timber frame to modern, and everything in between. Some of the benefits of prefabricated construction and modular home include that they are typically more affordable than site-built homes. Because prefab home designs take less time to build, therefore, saving you money on the overall construction. Home inspections are not needed, as these are all done on-site at the factory. Prefab home designs and modular designs are much more energy-efficient, so your monthly home bills will be quite a bit less. Prefab designs and modular homes also are environmentally friendly; this is due partly to the fact that they are built indoors, so there is more efficiency with building materials.

Choosing a prefab home kit is just one of the steps when it comes to realizing your vacation home dreams. Just as important is choosing the site where you will build your prefab home design. Once you have your property, you will want to sit down and look at your building site. You want to see where the sun comes up, where the lake or mountainside is in relation to your building site as it will effect the overall heating, cooling and weather protection requirements of your prefab home kit. A prefab design in the woods will have different moisture-protection needs than a prefab site that is perched high on the side of a mountain. Of course, many prefab cabin lovers prefer to build in the woods, near a ski resort, or on a lake. You might dream of having your prefab home as a playhouse that is perched on the ski slopes, with a scenic view of the resort below and the surrounding mountains. You want your prefab home design to take advantage of the surrounding views as much as possible. You might try arranging the prefab design so that the great room, master bedroom, kitchen, dining room, and possibly one guest room have a view. You will also want to keep in mind your lifestyle, rather than having a formal dining room some people prefer an informal eating area, or just sitting around the fire with dinner.

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