At $15 per Square Foot, This Ukrainian Log House Would Cost Around $19,000

At $15 per Square Foot, This Ukrainian Log House Would Cost Around $19,000

When it comes to beautiful log home kits, these Multi functional Wooden Houses from Taizhou Shengfeiya Wood Co., Ltd. are a great example of what you can purchase online. Log homes and buildings have an extensive history in Europe and in America. The Romans built multifamily log structures to house their ever growing population, and people all over Europe have built log houses for thousands of years. Then, the Swedish brought over their log building expertise when they settled as first generation pioneers of the Americas. Many of the log homes that were built back then were meant to be moveable and could be broken down and then reassembled at a new location. This worked well for the settlers that were quite nomadic, moving around on the land to find a sustainable place to live. The very first log home building to be implemented was in a Swedish colony called Nya Sverige meaning New Sweden. After that the colony would come to be known as New Netherlands when it included more Dutch, and then New York when the English came in. The Swedish taught other European settlers how to build their own log houses. So people like the Scottish, who had never built a log house before, took on these building practices and used them to start up a life for their families. People would often build a log home first to live in while building a more substantial house, and then would use the log house for a barn or other farming storage.

The oldest log house still standing is the C. A. Nothnagle Log House which was built back in 1640. This goes to show how strong and durable these log structures are. Which also proves how well log houses stand up to harsh weather and storms. There are even reports of log houses standing up to hurricanes that have winds up to 160 kilometres per hour. One style of log home building is pole houses. These structures are built on stilts and are suited to the climate that it is built in and can take on whatever the elements bring on because they are flexible enough to work with the elements. Wood is also quite resistant to mold and insects as well, especially if it is treated and maintained properly. Sometimes people don't realize the cost of maintaining a log home when they purchase one, so it is important to remember that when you buy log home kits, that you will have to take care of the wood once you are done building it. When the wood is taken care of, it will last a very long time though.

Log home kits like this one from Taizhou Shengfeiya Wood, can be found on Alibab's website. Alibaba is an online trading source, where people can purchase products from all around the world. They distribute many different log home kits and garden sheds as well as other structures. This particular log home building kit is made up of Russian Pine, a very sturdy and strong type of wood that is used a lot in building projects. The other type of wood that is most often used is Cedar wood. All of the log home kits come with the materials to build what you see in the photos and they cost around $140 - 350 per square meter which depends upon the materials used. You will never regret buying or building a log house, as they will last a lifetime and will be a wonderful place to make happy memories. Have a look at this multifunctional wooden home and others on the Alibaba website.***

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