Are you Ready to DIY this Log House for just $73,000? If Not, they Can Do the Complete Home For You for a Bit Extra

Are you Ready to DIY this Log House for just $73,000? If Not, they Can Do the Complete Home For You for a Bit Extra

A log home can be one of the most amazing investments to make, and this Coventry $114,950 log home is no exception. This log home building model is one of the many beautiful log house designs from Coventry Log Homes, Inc. Coventry Log Homes is a company who has been in the log house construction business for a long time, and it is also a family owned and run business with a passion for quality and service. They have over 60 log home models and designs for log homes that can be viewed on their website that is super easy to navigate through. You can even take a video tour of their mill where their log home building processes take place.

The log home building and planning process is quite extensive and involves a lot of people working on different things the whole way through. First of all, there is the sustainable tree plantation that the logs come from. This growing and logging process is monitored quite diligently, to make sure that the trees are providing the highest quality of logs to be used in log house construction projects. It is also monitored quite closely to be sure that the use of trees is kept within the proper guidelines and restrictions that ensure the control over the quantity of trees being used and that new trees are planted once old ones are removed. This keeps our renewable resources flowing while maintaining respect for them. Log house designs also require a lot of work and attention. The design part of the log home building process is the crucial part of the process where the layout and floor plan are put into place and decided upon so that the right amount of logs can be assessed and all of the interior finishings can be decided. The log house construction process also requires a lot of time and attention from multiple people. The larger the log house, the more people will be needed to build it and sometimes cranes and heavy machinery need to be used to ensure the proper development of the log house construction process.

Usually with a company like Coventry Log Homes, they will most often construct the log home before it gets delivered, to ensure that all of the log pieces fit perfectly together like a jig saw puzzle. They label the pieces so that when it comes time for the log house construction process, everything will move along quite easily. Log homes have been built for many centuries before our time, and it seems that there will be no sign of us stopping log home building. Many people love them for their all natural look and quality, as well as for their time honoured significance. They keep people warm inside in the winter time because of their built in insulated properties as well as their natural ability to filter the air that is inside the log home or cabin. Plus, they are so strong and durable that they can stand decades and be passed onto family members to enjoy throughout time.

This beautiful Somersworth Coventry Log Home is available through Coventry Log Homes website for as little as $73,000 for the materials for the bare basics. The log home design is a part of the company's Craftsmen Series of log homes, and they have other log home designs in their Cabin Series, Recreational Series, Tradesman Series or the Timber-frame Series of log homes. Each log home is unique and special in its own way and provides a beautiful home or cabin to enjoy for a lifetime. *

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