Arch Rock Log Cabin

Arch Rock Log Cabin

Have you ever wanted to go to South Africa? Well this Arch Rock Log Cabin in Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape, in South Africa would be the perfect little getaway to stay in. The cabin itself is a charming place to stay. It has a great design and layout, and the materials they have used to build it look so beautiful. The logs they used to build it look different than the logs we use here for our cabins, so it must be a native tree that they use for their building. Then, on the awning, they use a nice reed or bamboo type of material that makes it look more tropical, like a beach hut.

The little cabins that you will find one the Arch Rock resort website, have 2 bedrooms and can sleep up to 5 people. One of the bedrooms opens up to the patio outside, and has a double bed. The other room has a single bed and then bunk beds. So it would be perfect for a family or some friends who all want to travel together. There is a great sized kitchen to do all your own cooking in, and a little BBQ outside on the patio as well! It would be so awesome, you would feel like you were living there with your own little house and everything.

The prices are anywhere up to 2,400 Rand, which is the South African currency. That translates to about $240 Canadian dollars, per night for the whole place and up to 5 people staying there at once. They also have Chalets for rent, but everything books up quite fast here! They seem to be booked solid until next January, which would be in their summer time, so tourist season would be at it's height. They do have off season rates that are more affordable, but the weather might not be the best, so that's why they charge less.

So if you are ever thinking of going to South Africa, this might just be a place to check out and stay at for a few nights. The beach is even just foot steps away, so you can cool off in the ocean if it gets too hot for you. South Africa seems like a vibrant place to visit, with really kind people and probably amazing food! These cabins would give you the perfect little home away from home. Head over to 'Arch Rock's' website by following the link in the description below for more!

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