Apple Pie Tacos

Apple Pie Tacos

Everyone loves tacos, but do you love them enough to eat them for dessert? Maybe not an actual meat filled taco, but these apple pie tacos would sure be great for a sweet treat. Tacos are extremely popular these days, and it seems like every restaurant is serving them up on their menu regardless of if they are a Mexican restaurant or not. Tacos originally come from Mexico and were eaten before Europeans arrived. So even though Taco is a Spanish word meaning wedge, the Spanish did not invent the taco. Traditional tacos were made much like they are today, and the native Mexican people made tortillas from ground up corn and water. The majority of the time, the natives ate fish in their corn tortillas, and used them to eat with other seasoned meat as well. Fish tacos are still very popular now too, as well as Tacos Al Pastor, meaning Shepherd style, or Tacos de Asador, meaning grilled tacos. There are also Tacos de Cabesa which uses the meat from the head of the animal and then the Tacos de pescado, which are the fish tacos usually served with fresh salsa and cabbage.

Although apple pie tacos are not a Mexican invention, they use the idea of a taco and turn it into a dessert. This is one of the quick and easy apple desserts you can make when you're craving some apple pie but you don't want to make a whole pie. Simple apple desserts like this can be made for any occasion, or just for fun as a nice treat to have after a meal. Perhaps even after having your own homemade tacos. A Mexican dessert known as churros could closely resemble the taco shell from this recipe. Churros are made by piping dough through a tube into hot oil to fry and then when they are done they are rolled and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. For these dessert tacos you will be using flour tortillas, not corn tortillas though, but you will coat them in cinnamon and sugar just like a churro. Simple apple desserts like this take very little time and will be ready in around 30 minutes or less. This is even a fun recipe to make with your kids as long as they are very careful around the hot oil, or you do that part entirely.

Quick and easy apple desserts are a nice, healthy dessert option since apples are filled with great nutrients like vitamin C, dietary fibre and vitamin B6. Granny Smith apples are nice and tart, making them perfect for simple apple desserts. The sweeter apples might be too sweet for a dessert like this one, and it's nice to have the contrast of a sour apple in a sweet recipe. There are so many different varieties of apples and apple tress in North America. Most of the apple trees that produce apples to sell in major grocery stores in Canada come from British Columbia, where the temperatures are perfect for growing apples. In the US, apple trees are grown in Washington, New York, Michigan,Pennsylvania, California and Virginia to produce apples for distribution. Even if you aren't using apples in a dessert, they make a great, healthy snack to carry with you on the go to eat any time of the day. If you didn't feel like making your own apples, you could always use your favourite apple pie filling instead, for a quicker way to make this recipe if you're in a rush. That being said, it's always nice to make your own from scratch. Thank you to the Cooking Panda for this awesome recipe.***

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