Another Handcrafted Log Home, Colorado, USA

Another Handcrafted Log Home, Colorado, USA

This log home is more than just Another Handcrafted Log Home, Colorado, USA, it's a work of art, built out of massive Western Red Cedar logs that make creative use out of wild fluted butts on the corners. This handcrafted beautiful log home showcases the best of log home living in Colorado. The stunning feature log posts in the front entryway of the log home and ridge posts that rise from the floor, helping to support the log home roof beams, make it even more impressive. Hand tools were used in the making of this log home, to help add character to the square beams and corners.

You can't stop looking at this log home; it's so impressive! Every detail helps to make this log home what it is. From the carved log furniture benches out front to the carved seat made right into one of the log ends at the entrance and the carved eagle that sits over the front doorway. Inside is just as beautiful, the log large used making for an impressive log home look, log railings from the upstairs balcony, log beams and the wooden floors. The large logs in the bathroom bring so much warmth to the room, along with the natural stone bathroom sink. The large log post inside the main room, adds so much character to the room. With lots of windows and a front door with lots of glass, there is plenty of natural sunlight that will be able to blood this beauty of a log home to show all the warmth inside. Stunning!

This log home build is a great example of why log homes and log cabins are still as popular as ever. Just when you thought log homes couldn't get any better, you see a new one and fall in love all over again. This log home build goes to show how a creative use of log corners, can offer up a whole new look the log home, that makes it unique and stand out from the rest.

Log homes and log cabins have been around for centuries, and even the older ones seem to capture our imaginations and hearts. There is just something inviting, and comforting about log homes. Their natural materials evoke a certain longing in us to be in nature and enjoy some time away. A log home or log cabin has the power to draw us in, and make us start dreaming of the log home life. A life surrounded by nature, hikes, fishing, boating and scenic surroundings. Of course, a big element of log homes is the fresh air that you smell, even once in the log home, the smell of wood, and the smell of nature go hand in hand to making you feel relaxed and at home.

Brian Moore Log and Timber Homes, located in Abbotsford, British Columbia has been building log homes since 1979. They specialize in a variety of log home builds from post and beam log homes, timber frame hoes, dove tail log homes, and piece-en-piece log homes. They deliver and reassemble your log home and their services right to your site. They have delivered over 250 quality log home and log cabins to their customers in locations as far away as Japan, Europe, Argentina, Korea, and Taiwan. Along with building log homes all over Canada and the United States. The Western Red Cedar they use for their log homes has been used by the Aboriginal people of the Pacific Northwest for centuries, honored for it's beauty and its resistance to rot and decay. Their log home construction experience and knowledge goes a long way in ensuring that the log home you purchase is one that will last a lifetime.

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