Another Cottage Log Cabin from $4,769

Another Cottage Log Cabin from $4,769

It will cost as you much as a used car. Another cottage log cabin from $4,769 is a great price for your small guest cabin, work shop, home gym, studio or perhaps a vacation cabin for yourself. At 10 by 12 square feet this pine log cabin with a loft is a great buy. Made in Columbiana, Ohio, this cottage has a 30 year roof, is very well built and guaranteed to last for many years to come. The friendly, helpful staff at 'Wayside Lawn Structures' are well organized, knowledgeable and friendly. They will deliver your order in a timely and professional manner. 'Wayside Lawn Structures' offers a wide variety of lawn and yard products. Everything from cabins, to playhouses, horse barns, play sets for the kids, gazebos, arbors and more. Looking for maintenance free, long lasting lawn furniture? Poly products are a great alternative. Be sure to check out their wonderful selection. They offer vinyl products such as decking, fencing and pergolas along with many beautiful, traditional wood products. Whatever you need for your yard, you can find it at 'Wayside Lawn Structures'.

Before you purchase the cottage log cabin for $4,769, it is very important to check your local building codes. Before adding any outdoor structure to your property or yard you want to make sure it will met the rules and regulations of your municipality. Building codes are put into place by governing bodies, as a means to protect public health, keep people safe and in interest of our general welfare. There are some common and in depth codes that are adopted and enforced by the national government, however building codes often vary from city to city and county to county. What is okay in one area may not necessarily apply somewhere else. Having been around since the 1700's these rules and regulations are to help ensure safe, good quality construction of buildings and structures in order to protect those who occupy or use them. Visit your city hall or municipal office, or even look it up online. It will save you the frustration and headache of buying or building something and then not being allowed to use or keep it.

The Wayside log cabin is definitely a keeper. With three windows letting in plenty of light and a loft that can be used for storage or sleeping, this little cottage will make a fantastic addition to your yard or property. To view photos and specifications, as well as all the available options, visit 'Wayside Lawn Structures' by following the link below.

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