Another A Customized Tumbleweed Cypress, NOLA Style

Another A Customized Tumbleweed Cypress, NOLA Style

It's always interesting to see how other people build their tiny houses and small houses, with all sorts of information from tiny home power sources, interior decorating, paints used, and water systems. "Another A Customized Tumbleweed Cypress, NOLA Style," is a great video that gives a complete walk through with the tiny homes owner and builder, who gives lots of suggestions on what he might do differently, and what he likes about his tiny home build.

This tiny home was built with the Cypress 18 house plans from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. The tiny house located in New Orleans, has one person living full time inside of it, and has everything the owner needs. Inside the tiny house you will find a sitting area bench with storage underneath, another sitting area in the back. The two sitting area benches can be brought together with a table to sit four people for a nice dinner, the benches and table can then be folded down and used as a bed that sleeps two, for guest stays. The cute tiny house has a sleeping loft with a queen sized bed, reading nook, wood walls, lots of storage with a closet, cupboards, underneath the bench. There is a central heating and cooling system inside (cooling is essential in the hot New Orleans climate), there is a kitchen with sink, fridge, microwave and toaster oven.

The tiny house has a bathroom with toilet and stand up shower, which uses corrugated steel for the walls, and has wood overtop which is painted with polyurethane to keep wood water resistant. The tiny house is 18 feet long, and 126 square feet, with cedar clap siding, which has been sealed and stain to protect from the sun. You can find more tiny house informative videos on Youtube.

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