Another 8 Tiny Cabins We Love

Another 8 Tiny Cabins We Love

There are so many reasons why small spaces are more embraced today and this is why we’re featuring another 8 tiny cabins we love and we completely recommend everybody to check out. Vacation homes in the countryside are getting more popular every year. Small cabins are as well and surprisingly, a lot of people prefer them than the mansion type of cabins. We could see why and it’s because they are cozier and the people renting them could easily feel at home. Read on to see our favorites among these 8.

1. Hermit’s Cabin- this one is a premade cabin that was built in Sweden. It is a studio type of space because all the things you need for a cabin is placed in one room. It has a stove that you can use to heat some food, and the place is also perfect if you want to just spend a night with your special someone over a candlelight dinner.

2. Shipping Container Cabin- it takes a very resourceful mind to come up with this idea. To use shipping containers as a form of shelter is something revolutionary! This is why it’s on our list.

3. Treehouse Cabin- this one can be found in Whistler, BC. It was built in secret, and it could make your childhood dreams come true of living in a tree house. This egg-shaped cabin can be seen hanging on a tree with enough space inside to accommodate vacationers.

4. Abaton Cabin- this one is prefabricated and built in Spain by Abaton. It is located in the wilderness but inside it is looking very modern and hip. It can only accommodate 2 people, so it’s perfect for honeymooners. It is also movable, so you can take it anywhere you want!

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