Annie's Log Cabin

Annie's Log Cabin

Log cabins have been around for hundreds of years, with many styles from rustic to modern, and many log cabins still standing today, a reminder of our history and past. "Annie's Cabin," is a beautiful log cabin found in the English countryside, and is available for holiday stays and rentals.

Annie's Cabin is located about two miles outside of Ludlow, England close to Wales. This self catering log cabin holiday, is a hand built Finnish style log cabin. For those wanting to enjoy an English holiday the log cabin is perfect, beautifully done inside and out for an enjoyable stay, during any time of year, and anytime of weather. For the rainy season you can always sit outside and enjoy your dinner under the overhanging outside roof, and for cold days, you can venture into the town of Ludlow, which is known for its quality food, and grab some dinner. This log cabin is constructed with the intent of being low impact on the environment, using Douglas Fir logs from Wales. It's also a great place to stay if you're hoping to reduce your own co2 emissions, there is a wood pellet stove, solar water heating, induction hob and LED/low energy lighting.

This is an excellent place to stay and get the log cabin experience, in a sustainable environmentally friendly log cabin. Log cabins have a certain comfort and coziness to them, that makes you feel closer to nature and your surroundings. The craftsmanship and design of this log cabin and the beautiful English landscape that surrounds it, is an experience in itself. It's easy to see why log cabin living has and always will be a popular choice for full time living and vacation getaway stays.

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