An Ill Wind Blows Much Good: A Handcrafted Pennsylvania Log Home

An Ill Wind Blows Much Good: A Handcrafted Pennsylvania Log Home

Log homes have always been a popular style of home to choose from, they can be modern, rustic, friendly, comfortable and eco friendly. "An Ill Wind Blows Much Good: A Handcrafted Pennsylvania Log Home," are a good place to start when you are considering the home of your dreams.

An ill wind blows much good, a handcrafted Pennsylvania log home story. Every log home owner has a unique and interesting story to tell, and this is the story of one family's dream log home in central Pennsylvania. To start the owner bought a 40 acre wooded piece of property without telling his wife, Dotty, he says he doesn't recommend doing that. He took a big chance, and his wife got excited about the project once the initial shock of the purchase wore off. The land was exactly what the couple had always talked about, a piece on the border of thousands of acres of protected watershed property, making them truly feel like they are in the wilds of Pennsylvania, but in turn only being seven minutes from the mall.

The log home is a 5,900 square foot, hand crafted log home that sits on top of a ridge with amazing views on three sides, the views are what inspired both the position of the log home and its custom design. The log home has a 1,200 square foot deck that allows the couple to see eight mountain ranges, wow. Below is a pristine reservoir, and at night its the perfect place for stargazing. The close by town of Hollidaysburg is in clear view of the log home, and they can see the lights of Blue Knob Ski Resort. To read the rest of this couples story you'll want to look at the site.

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