An Hour Every Day Workout Can Power Your Home For Twenty Four Hours

An Hour Every Day Workout Can Power Your Home For Twenty Four Hours

Just imagine if an hour a day workout could power your home for twenty-four hours. Can you believe this possible? Well, just a few years ago it wasnt. But today, it is! This is all thanks to the Billions in Change project and this wonderful new invention of theirs called Free Electric which allows ann off grid lifestyle to become more of a reality.

Whats Free Electric? Well, its a stationary hybrid bicycle that is able to harness human mechanical energy. What does that mean? It means if you just spend an hour a day working out on it, pedalling away at a manageable pace, you will be able to power your off grid home for 24 hours. Really, it means you will be able to empower yourself literally, by creating your own free energy.

This is one of those things that make off grid living possible! And not just possible but a lot easier too. Living off grid means living free and clear and going easy on our environment. Lets have more inventions like this soon, please.

Were currently living in a world where, for most people, energy is not free. In fact, we pay a lot to our local power companies each month just so we can light our homes, use our computers, cook our food, and charge up our cell phones. What so many of us do not realize is only half the world has electricity. The other half either doesnt have any power at all, or they only have access to it for a few hours a day. We here in North America dont know just how good we have it! We take our electricity for granted while so many others are working so hard just to get it.

Imagine how a simple Free Electric bicycle like this could change the world by equalizing our access to electricity! It seems like a miracle, really. Just think of all the fitness centres there are in the United States alone. What if they all had these Free Electric bicycles? We could all go for a workout every day and store enough power to light up a whole city for a week, a month, a year. Imagine, getting fit and creating our own energy at the same time? Wow, bonus! And were talking clean energy here. No pollution whatsoever is created in this process. We could even store enough energy to power our cars this way.

Manoj Bhargava is the genius and visionary behind the Billions in Change project, and hes helping to save the world. He believes that energy and water are the two main areas we need to focus on for the future. If we are somehow able to provide equal access of clean water and energy to all world citizens, we will see our world change in all kinds of positive ways. There are well over seven billion humans on this planet right now and growing every moment. Soon we will be at eight billion! If we are somehow going to sustain this many people here, we need to find solutions so that none of us have to live in poverty. When we no longer have to struggle so hard just to survive, we are empowered and, therefore, able to contribute to our society in so many creative ways.

Bhargava and all of the other folks over at the Billions in Change project have a very simple philosophy. They want to invent new things that will help people get the very basics they need to survive and thrive clean energy and water being at the top of the list, sustainable agriculture and health care solutions coming in third and fourth, ways to make off grid living easier.

They believe in less talk and more action, and as you can see from this amazing Free Electric bike, they are already bringing these changes into reality. If you feel like helping them help the world, then they dont want your money. They want your voice. They would really appreciate it if you would help spread the word about all they are doing.

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