An Epic Treehouse For Adults That Brings Back Mgical Childhood Memories

An Epic Treehouse For Adults That Brings Back Mgical Childhood Memories

When I was growing up I always wished that I could be like Tarzan, swinging from vine to vine in the forest, and living in a giant treehouse of my very own. This Italian apartment building seems to be speaking to the little kid inside of all of us, and could easily be described as the most ultimate and epic tree house ever built with adults in mind. It is a spectacular six story building set amidst an artificial forest of huge trees that truly makes you feel like the king of the jungle. The majestic beauty of waking up each day, opening the window and seeing gorgeous lush foliage surrounding you is a luxury that few of us can afford. Yet, this incredible apartment building in Turin, Italy manages to combine a forest of trees with a downtown apartment building comprising a total of 63 rooms that is known as "25 verde" which translates in English to "25 green.'"

Still, the beauty of living in a rainforest isn't the only perk of this apartment building. Sure, you get to live in a unique, awesome tree-covered structure where you can open the window to watch the branches and leaves sway in the breeze. But, you also get the benefit of cooler summers and warmer winters due to the shade and insulation of the foliage, not to mention less dust and noise from the busy city streets below. Finally, you get better cleaner air because the trees filter out the CO2 and other pollution in the air and release more oxygen for your lungs. Combining an apartment building with a forest really is groundbreaking and ingenious, it allows people to enjoy nature from their homes while still being close to downtown for work and leisure.

Now it is time for you to check out this amazing treehouse-like apartment building for yourself! Please click the link below to the Distractify website now for more on this incredibly epic combination of urban and natural landscape!

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