An Eco-Friendly Forest Home That Offers Inspiration in Every Nook and Cranny

An Eco-Friendly Forest Home That Offers Inspiration in Every Nook and Cranny

This gorgeous Forest Loop home will have you inspired and intrigued. This astonishing cabin was built by the Balance Associate Architects, in Mazama, Washington. Supported on concrete beams, the home has a smaller impact on the environment, which is what Balance Associate Architects strives to do with all of their building projects. They choose to make the cabin work with the land it will be on, to live in harmony with the pre-existing environment in a conscious manner. The home's design flows seamlessly into the surroundings, because of the natural wood and timber materials that have been used, and the windows that allow the natural world into the home, creating a feeling of expansion rather than constriction.

The unique, raised walkway that leads to the cabin, makes a grand entrance into the space. The 1, 650 square foot cabin is placed on the land that the owners once used as a campground area for their camping trips together as a family. Now the site serves as a gathering space with a cabin instead of just roughing it in tents. The cabin has one and a half stories, with soaring cathedral ceilings, and more than enough room for a very spacious kitchen, with full sized appliances, a working space island with bar stool seating, as well as a dining table too. Windows surround the space, making it feel so open and appear larger than it already is. The living room is open to the kitchen, with a central fireplace to warm the cabin and the sleek, modern staircase leads up the stairs to the bedrooms and the bathroom.

Upstairs, the bathroom is styled with industrial looking corrugated metal and blonde wood vanity and neutral floor and walls. The corrugated metal is an affordable and interesting way to add some character to the home, many people like it for the modern appeal it brings and the juxtaposition between the wood and the metal. They unfortunately do not show photos of the bedrooms, but there are two bedrooms on the upstairs level along with the bathroom. The staircase is nice and open to the lower level of the home, with storage for books and games built into the lower level of the staircase. There is also a screened in porch area, that also features high ceilings and a corrugated plastic roof, like the type you would see used for a green house roof. This roof is used over the whole house, but the interior has wooden roof panels to provide some insulation.

This piece of land is incredible, with all of the gorgeous red wood trees, and lush ground cover. What a beautiful place to have a cabin and escape from the artificial monotony of life in the city. It appears in the first photo on Small House Swoon, that they actually have a wooden barrel hot tub in the yard, and also, an outdoor shower. It must be so lovely to be able to wake up in the morning and go have a nice hot tub and then rinse off in the shower right outside. This cabin would be a really nice full time house for many people, and it is nicer than some of the houses you see in cities. It's always great to see new and unique home and cabin designs from all around the world, it can be so inspiring to see them and many people get ideas for building their own dream house or cabin. Enjoy looking through the photos on Small House Swoon and take a look at some of the other small homes and cabins their feature on their brilliant website!

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