An Architect Builds His Own Studio Retreat to Escape the City

An Architect Builds His Own Studio Retreat to Escape the City

Did you hear about the architect who built his own studio retreat in his backyard to escape the city? That would be Nicholas Hunt, a Brooklyn, New York architect who just happened to have a garden outside his back door to use as an experimental lab for his tiny house vision. Knowing that smaller was better, he built a tiny house studio that is a mere fifty-five square feet, and he finished it off with gorgeously-simple hand-crafted detail.

Imagine living in one of the most crowded cities in the world, and still finding enough space for a garden retreat in your backyard. Nicholas Hunt of Hunt Architecture has proven it can be done by building a tiny house retreat to showcase his fantastic architectural abilities for his budding business. When you step into this light, bright, and airy tiny house retreat, you truly feel as though youve stepped into a garden oasis far from the city. The garden itself is only 1,300 square feet, and now this artful tiny structure accentuates it. The tiny house retreat is a mere single room with enough space to plant a comfy cot or an easy chair. The walls are painted a pure white, making you feel like you might have just gone straight to Heaven. A half-inch reveal covers the front window, for privacy, and a skylight brightens the room from above. Once youre in here, its difficult to believe that downtown Brooklyn is just a few short blocks away. This is the perfect place for quiet contemplation, to lie back and read a good book, or even have an afternoon nap. Its also big enough for two or perhaps three people to gather for a nightcap or quiet evening happy hour.

It only cost Nicholas Hunt about $1,200 to build his tiny house retreat structure, and over the course of four months, it took about seven days to build it. His plan was very simple from the beginning: to build a tiny city escape with found materials and to make it geometrically interesting. Hunt wanted to hand-build his own micro structure because he wanted the valuable learning experience of being his own client. He salvaged cedar planks from another project and his parents donated their white picket fence from their property in Massachusetts. The front window is directed towards plants and trees, so inhabitants can easily imagine they are in a rural landscape. The window is partially covered in slatted wood so you can see out but others cannot see in. The slats also let in ample light in the daytime. The minimal interior furnishings consist of rotating items from Hunts apartment so it is always fresh and new. Although the tiny house retreats exterior is a bright golden colour right now, Hunt hopes for it to gently weather and fade and blend more into its natural background as the years go by.

This tiny house article comes from the Dwell website, a design and architecture magazine that is also available in print. Dwell isnt your everyday design magazine, however; the people at Dwell focus on bold and innovative architecture that is also artistic and minimalist in nature. Dwell is an excellent website to visit if youre looking for design and architecture and inspiration. If you are building a new house, decorating a new space, or even just redecorating your apartment, for example, Dwell is a great place to search through for fresh new ideas. For anyone interested in tiny houses and tiny house living, Dwell can be a really fun resource to explore, simply because there are so many creative ways to build a tiny home and Dwell captures many of them.*

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