An Adorable House That Blends Historical Charm and Modern Aesthetics (Click for Floor Plan)

An Adorable House That Blends Historical Charm and Modern Aesthetics (Click for Floor Plan)

I love log houses; I love everything about them, from the look to the smell to the cozy feeling I get when Im in one. But what I love even more are unusual houses; the kind of house not everyone owns. Although barn houses are starting to appear once again, some of them have a truly unique style. The Plymouth Carriage House Plan is a stunning example of how a new turn-key barn house build can look. I have just one word for it: amazing.

A true carriage house is an outbuilding or barn originally built to house horse-drawn carriages and related tack. As horse-drawn carriages have become much less common than in previous times, there is very little need in our modern world for real carriage houses, and many of these old barns have been converted or modified to other uses, such as in-law suits or guest houses, garages, workshops, offices and even bars and restaurants. While city carriage houses were often small, utilitarian and adequate for housing only one small carriage, carriage houses for larger estates tended to be quite elaborate, large enough to house many carriages as well as tack, horses and even hay and sometimes even included a basic staff living quarters. In The Plymouth design plan, this carriage house includes a carriage house-esque garage with optional barn doors designed to be used for car storage rather than horse-drawn carts.

The Plymouth Carriage House Plan is a post-and-beam, barn style home. While post-and-beam is a general construction term for building with heavy timbers, in this example it merely refers to how the home has been constructed with wall support being provided by vertical posts and horizontal beams. This is a package house, so the post-and-beam walls come pre-constructed as wall panels. As well as the wall panels, this package also includes roof panels, doors, and windows, trim and exterior siding with optional barn doors (either decorative or operable) to give this carriage house that real barn look. But while it may have a carriage house, farm barn look, it has a warm, cozy feeling within and includes a large, open-concept dining room and living room, as well as a main floor bedroom and bath. The second floor is totally devoted to the large master bedroom and master bath, as well as a beautiful study, walk-in closet, and deck.

I find the name Plymouth quite interesting for this particular barn house design. Plymouth, aside from being a town in England, is also a town in Plymouth County, Massachusetts and holds a place of great prominence within American history (as the site of the colony founded by the Pilgrims in 1620), folklore and culture. It is known as Americas Hometown. The Plymouth Carriage House Plan seems to encapsulate that all-American, historical style and when seeing it for the first time, will almost certainly give you nostalgia for the olden days, yet will stun you with the latest mod cons available.

The Plymouth Carriage House Plan may look like a barn home from the outside, but is far from a house of carriages on the inside (although it is big enough to house more than a few!). This 1,600 square foot home, with an additional 550 square feet of possible convertible space, gives ample and open access to all areas of the house while still affording everyone privacy. While this package doesnt offer all the fixins, it does come as a turn-key option (meaning a fully completed product) so if you like what you see, American Post & Beam are the ones building modern solutions to traditional living, and you should probably check them out!

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