Amazingly Beautiful Fortune Cookie Tiny Home

Amazingly Beautiful Fortune Cookie Tiny Home

It is true that good things come in small packages, especially for this Amazingly Beautiful Fortune Cookie Tiny Home. Owned by a lady named Kera, and designed to her preferences by designer Able from Zyl Vardos, a tiny house building company. This home is the epitome of a darling traveling gypsy wagon or a little gnome home. It just looks lie it belongs in the forest, tucked in with some beautiful trees. The house is a vardo style house, built on wheels so it can be moved and towed where ever she wants it to go. Totally perfect for a nomadic gypsy lady!

A vardo is a traditional style of home used by traveling nomadic types and is basically like a wagon, caravan or wagon. They call it the Romani Wagon since it was used as a house drawn by horses and lived in by the British Romani people. The houses were most popular in the mid 1800s and decreased in popularity in the 20th century. The cabins are typically built with a bed, cabinets, seating and a fire place, but as you will see with the Fortune Cookie house, the modern ones have so much more than that!

Kera's vardo home has a kitchen that has all that you need, a hot plate and a counter top. Its very basic, but it definitely works, and she says on her blog that she loves to cook in it! The whole space is very open and airy, with light wood covering the walls, and windows dispersed throughout the space. The bathroom with a toilet and a shower, is tucked away under the loft where her bed is. She crawls up the ladder to her sleeping loft where there is a double bed in a cozy little nook. It seems like the perfect place to live for her! She writes more about it on her blog which you can go to through a link in the post.

Small homes are becoming more of a popular way of life for many people. Many people who are artists and makers are finding that living small is the perfect way to live that gives you the freedom to do the things you want to do in life. Living small gives you the flexibility to work doing what you love without worrying about having to pay off a huge debt from buy a house that has way too much space. There is also a lot of freedom in having your house on wheels! You can be like the gypsies and nomads of the past and wonder the Earth continuously. This is definitely a must see home! Head over to 'Tiny House Swoon' by following the link in the description below for more!

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